It's not about getting attention.

Special photography B&W "She Eyes Glasses"
"She Eyes Glasses" is a B&W photograph and, actually, a photo of a photo of a photo.

It's about keeping it!

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At White Space (.world) Design & Publishing, we love creating and expressing; it's who we are. As our name infers, we apply our talents to project development. From design to pre-publishing, and everything between, we have the skill and knowledge to help get your project to the printer on time (or into e-format).

It takes more than technical or artistic skill to consistently produce engaging material. It involves applying techniques which can effectively anchor a viewer to a project. For example, building research data into a design (social perceptions, customer expectations, current trends, color psychology, etc.) works to create compositions that hold audience attention. Engaging text, stunning imagery and flawless presentation are other ways to not only get attention, but keep it.

A fair bit of information - covering the various processes of project creation from onset to completion - can be accessed through our Services page. There you can link directly to specific service details. You can also opt to use our site search or site map.

We take pride in our work and show it off any chance we get. We'd be delighted if you'd take a few moments and peek at our concise portfolio. Besides experiencing our awesome Master Slider (which lets you mouse-swipe through the images - how cool is that, eh?) you can also read sidebars about the featured content.

Whatever your design through pre-publishing needs, we're confident we can help.

Our Objectives:

Catch the eye. Engage the mind.
Inspire thought. Provoke the senses.
Incite the emotions. Deliver the message.
Keep the attention!

We continuously update, add to or improve our site in an effort to promote a positive visitor experience. As this site is designed to mimic a high-end magazine, you will find no pop-ups, no third-party adverts, no auto-play videos or any other mechanism to impede your viewing ease. As to our 2018 roster, we will be debuting some amazing publications designed to tickle the mind, so bookmark this page and stay tuned!

Finally, although we take our business very seriously, we still like to have fun along the way. We've done our best to be informative and interesting. Once you're done checking us out, please take a moment and send us a comment. We'd love to hear your thoughts!

In conclusion, we leave you with our motto:

It's not about getting attention. It's about keeping it!


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